Yellow and White Dial Decorative Retro Vintage Traditional Wall Hanging Squar Iron Clock

Clocks by Furnistars

When you look for a clock of fine art or feel like a clock to help make a bold statement against today’s “mainstream” Adeco Wall Clcok collection is amongst the few chioces you can make from. We hand picked every clock into our collection which dose not only keeps time precisely but also is beautifully designed to satisfy your personal taste. Add an ornate element of traditional elegance to your space let the charm from the old time fill up your surroundings again! DETAIL ABOUT THIS CLOCK: This quint vintage-inspired clock features a simple square iron frame in pale yellow in the style of the 1940s and 1950s kitchen timepieces. Within the square frame the clock face is round and white with bold black numbers simple straight hands and second increment markings. This is the perfect clock for any kitchen with vintage decor and makes a great birthday anniversary wedding or housewarming gift for anyone with a love for vintage style.”

Dimensions: 24.8L, 12.8H, 24.6W

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