Marina Mobile Pantry Oak and White

Kitchen Accents by Manhattan Comfort

The Marina Mobile Pantry brings functionality to your kitchen. Includes 2 hooks to hang your kitchen and dish towels, 1 rack, and 3 Shelves. 2 shelves are open and are the perfect space to store and display your china. Use the concealed shelf to store your kitchen appliances and foods of your choice. The countertop is the perfect option to place your microwave or toaster oven. The pantry comes with 4 caster wheels making it easy for you to move it around your kitchen, or from your dining room to your kitchen while setting up your table. No more reason to carry those dishes from one place to another! The sleek design brings a modern look to your kitchen and also practical and useful. The unique modern model is made of high quality MDP with beautiful color finishes. Ideal for your kitchen, dorm rooms, small apartments and compact spaces.

  • Dimensions: 29.92 in. H x 21.26 in. L x 13.78 in. D

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