Radiant Orchid Ropes Vase White,Radiant Orchid

Vase/Urns by Elk Group

There’s something instinctual about a descending rope. Which one shall we climb up? Or perhaps these are actually the braided tresses of a distressed maiden? Or the lively spinners of some frolicsome swing? Introducing our Frolic Collection Handcrafted Radiant Orchid Ropes Vase: A series of whimsical cascading ropes draped along cool White Terra Cotta contours: Some a chain of knotty rosettes; some like a sturdy sailor’s rigging. Perfect to bring lighthearted emotion to a kitchen alcove or sunny hallway. Acrylic paint.

  • Dimensions (Inches): 22.0H, 13.0W, 13.0L

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